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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. This article will give you an overview of the product and guide you through how to get started with Windows IoT Enterprise.

Windows IoT Enterprise shares all the benefits of the worldwide Windows ecosystem. It is a binary equivalent to Windows Enterprise, so you can use the same familiar development and management tools as client PCs and laptops. However, when it comes to licensing and distribution , the desktop version and IoT versions differ. At this time Windows 11 IoT Enterprise is only available as an annual release. If you are building any kind of OEM style appliance , such as a point-of-sale or retail device, industrial automation equipment, digital signage, medical equipment or any appliance with a screen, Windows IoT Enterprise is the solution for you.

See how our customers are using Windows IoT Enterprise to accomplish their business goals. This documentation set will cover the technical breakdown of what’s included when you choose to use Windows IoT Enterprise.

This section walks users through the features and functionalities of Kiosk Mode and how to enable those features on Windows IoT Enterprise. This section reviews how to create a custom user-experience that highlights your brand. Articles include:. Learn more about the device management solutions you can take advantage of with Windows IoT Enterprise.

This section gives an overview of many of the built-in functionalities of Windows IoT Enterprise devices. This section provides insight into how OEMs can optimize their devices for manufacturing and production.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Tip If you are building any kind of OEM style appliance , such as a point-of-sale or retail device, industrial automation equipment, digital signage, medical equipment or any appliance with a screen, Windows IoT Enterprise is the solution for you.

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Windows 10 iot mobile enterprise support free. Getting Started with Windows IoT Enterprise


I am trying to not have to purchase 4 licences for Windows 10 and instead just purchase 2 licenses for the VMs and have something free for the atom x5 motherboards to run in order to connect to those hyper-v VMs.

Why bother with Windows 10 at all, use terminal services if you must or RDS, but again, depending on what the clients will be doing, why do they need to connect to anything? Can you explain why you need to RDP to anything, what is it you are trying to do, so far it sounds overcomplicated.

I don’t think that Remmina nor rdesktop has the ability to do usb redirect which I would need for the touch screen, scanner and receipt printer. Gary replied first, and I agree with his comments, however I still don’t see why you don’t just install Windows on the Atom system it’s x86 capable, unlike ARM CPUs , why put the workload on a server when you can do it directly, it doesn’t make sense for 2 or even for 4 clients.

And as Gary said, using them as VDI can be and is likely to be very expensive in comparison, I’m all for saving money, but you don’t seem to be saving anything here – you said 2 licenses of Windows 10 instead of 4, so I assume you have 4 of this makeshift thin clients, if this is true using Windows 10 as the RDP session will limit you to use only 2 of the clients at one time anyway, so I’ll go back to what I said earlier TS or RDS.

If there is a reason you can’t, please elaborate as I am not getting why the need for RDP exists at all. I want it all to be on the server since I will also host a ms sql server on the main sever.

I just want everything to be in one place without having to log into each box and fix stuff. As I just mentioned you would still need 4 Windows licenses, just lock them down or use deepfreeze to restore them every night back to a base image, what else could you need to cover?

Even if you run it all on the server, this doesn’t stop users making mistakes or crashing the system. A YT video and a hand drawn diagram and I am still no closer to understanding why you need Windows 10 guests and not just Windows 10 clients.

I understand in both diagrams what your trying to do and I even got that from your description. The part I’m struggling with, It’s why? Apart from central management, can you explain why you cant just put windows 10 on the Atom devices and lock them down, you wont be saving any money by using Windows 10 virtually and you will still need 4 licenses if you have 4 devices connecting.

TBH I only skimmed the majority of the posts in the thread, so I might be repeating what has already been said. While I won’t comment on the merit of this setup, for the question of atom processors for a free OS that does RDP you will probably want to look at a linux based OS. There are several out there that are pretty good, Mint comes mind. Heck you could even use a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian would work. I’ve also used thinstation on a half of dozen projects.

Case Study. Product A-Z. Advantech Global Services. Design To Order Services. Channel Partners. Downloads Resources Check your products information. Typically, you can use the same tools and solutions you use today to deploy, manage, and secure your Windows 11 IoT Enterprise device. Your current management tools and processes will also work to manage monthly quality updates for both Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise devices.

Please see Prepare for Windows 11 for more details on infrastructure and tools nuanced differences in regards to on-premises solutions WSUS or Cloud-based solutions. However, it will have a new feature update cadence. The semi-annual update cadence for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise will remain, but starting with Windows 11 IoT Enterprise, there will only be one release a year.

Important servicing-related announcements and information about known issues and safeguard holds can be found on the Windows release health hub. For more information, see Servicing and support.

Microsoft releases new LTSC editions every 2—3 years. It will be very beneficial for other community members who have similar questions. Keep in mind Windows 10 Iot Enterprise is for OEMs building devices so if you don’t have a Visual Studio subscription, you will have to contact a Microsoft distributor.

Windows 10 IoT comes in two editions. Windows 10 IoT Core is the smallest member of the Windows 10 operating system family. While only running a single app, it still has the manageability and security expected from Windows



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Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for Latitude and Used and free space Dell is not responsible for, and will not, warrant, support, repair or replace. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offers both Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) and General Availability Channel (GAC) options, and OEMs can choose the. Download the tools and software you need to get started with Windows 10 IoT Core. Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard. The Windows 10 IoT Core.


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